State of Delaware
Criminal Justice Council

Videophone Network


To provide the equipment, technical support, infrastructure, expertise, training, analysis, and other resources necessary to provide continuous networked videophone linkages statewide for members of Delaware’s criminal justice community, thereby improving the efficiency of all employees of that same system, heightening the public safety, avoiding the costs due to transporting and staff time, and improving Delaware’s criminal justice system by ultimately decreasing the time from arrest to disposition

Videophone Committee

The responsibilities of the Videophone Committee, a subcommittee of the Criminal Justice Council, include establishing a vision and strategic plan for the network, tracking use, deposit, and cost avoidance information, approving site installation or removal, training end users, and establishing necessary protocols governing the use of the network.

Delaware has the first nationally known statewide-unified system of 104 sites, which has networked the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, Attorney General’s Office, the Public Defender’s Office, prisons, jails, juvenile detention centers, and the Board of Pardon. The Delaware Videophone network will continue its 20-year record of success by continuing the migration to a totally IP network, which will provide improved sound/acoustic quality, picture quality, bandwidth, and most importantly increased savings.

Important Information:  The Videophone program budget is supplemented through the courts attaching a $1.00 supplemental fee to all fines levied on traffic and criminal cases in the state.

Standard Videophone Usage List:

  • Arraignment
  • Preliminary Hearing
  • Attorney Client Interview
  • Guilty Plea
  • Client Intake Interview
  • Capias Return
  • Arrest/Warrant Return
  • Bail Review
  • Swear to a Warrant

Please click here for a current list of videophone sites:  Videophone Listing

For more information on the Videophone Network in Delaware, Videophone Revenue and Cost Avoidance, please contact:  Bridget Poulle

To report a problem, please contact:  Delaware Videophone

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