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Have you witnessed a CJC/DVCC/SAC employee going above and beyond the call of duty? Have you interacted lately with someone within the agency who you felt did something to give you cause for applause? If so, we want to know about it! The CJC, DVCC, and SAC value our many employees and community members we help to serve each day. Please take a moment to help us celebrate the great work of the individuals who help make our agency a better place for employees using our Cause For Applause Form.

Criminal Justice Council Main Line
(302) 577-5030

Brian Reynolds
Chief of Administration
(302) 577-8698

Fiscal & Administrative Specialists

Julie Bolline
(302) 577-5030

Debra Pierce

Administrative Specialist
(302) 577-5026

Brenda Holder
Administrative Accountant
(302) 577-5033

Jacqui Thornton

Administrative Specialist
(302) 577-8961


Project Coordinators

Monica Celli
Juvenile Justice
(302) 577-5023

Kathleen Kelley

FVPSA, RSAT, Coverdell, JRJ
(302) 577-8725

Michael Kelly
SAKI, Law Enforcement
(302) 577-8717

Valarie Tickle
Discretionary Grants, ACHRC
(302) 577-8713

Grant Monitors & Special Projects

Azarri Badawi
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-5023

Lauren Riebel
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-8810

Jeanie Paeng
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-5024

Cary Smythe
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-8728

Theresa Jackson
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-5025

Kimberly Stagitis
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-8811

Nicole Sund
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-8727

Rosemarie Griesmer

Juvenile Justice Fellow, SENTAC
(302) 577-8962

Adam Dunfee
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-5026

Dan Arndt
Various Grant Programs
(302) 577-8442

Samantha Gwinn

SAKI Coordinator
(302) 577-8729

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