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Law Enforcement Officers Education Reimbursement Program

The Criminal Justice Council, through the Law Enforcement Officers Education Reimbursement Program, is proud to assist Delaware’s men and women in law enforcement to achieve their higher education endeavors so that they may better serve the citizens of Delaware.

Program Information

The Law Enforcement Officers Education Reimbursement Program enables certain full-time, certified law enforcement officers, including those employed by Probation & Parole, to receive tuition reimbursement for both undergraduate and graduate coursework. It is possible to receive 100% reimbursement for both undergraduate and graduate courses after satisfaction of the requirements listed below.

How can I participate?

In accordance with the program’s guidelines, participants must satisfy the following:

  1. Be a police officer or officer employed by Probation and Parole working within the State of Delaware. The officer must be continually employed by his or her agency to receive reimbursement.
  1. Attend an in-state college or university and successfully achieve a grade of “C” or above
  1. Submit a Letter of Intent for each and every semester in order to enroll in the program.

Letter of Intent

The Letter of Intent can be filed electronically using the link provided above or, if preferred, a hard-copy of the form can be submitted by mail to the address below:

Criminal Justice Council
Attn:  LEO Reimbursement Program
820 N. French Street, 10th FL
Wilmington, DE 19801

Letters will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Necessary Information
The Letter of Intent must contain the following information:

    • The officer’s name and agency
    • Home address and a contact telephone number
    • Indicate level of coursework [Undergraduate or Graduate]
    • The name of the Delaware college or university
    • Course title (Note: reimbursement is limited to 2 classes per term for undergraduate work and 1 class per term for graduate work)
      Semester corresponding to the course taken
    • Anticipated tuition cost, not to include additional institution fees or book
  1. Upon receipt of the program acceptance package, a signed copy of the “Award Letter” must be returned to the Criminal Justice Council.
  1. Upon completion of the course, the following items are to submitted to the Criminal Justice Council:

    (a) A copy of the tuition payment receipt from the college or university
    (b) A copy of the student’s grade

Please note that a reimbursement check for the course(s) will not be issued until all steps have been completed.

If you need additional information on the Law Enforcement Officers Education Reimbursement Program, please contact:

Chuck Pugh via email:  Charles.Pugh@delaware.gov

Phone:  (302) 856-5310 |   Fax:  (302) 856-6955

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