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Delaware Victim Services Conference

The annual Victims Services Conference marks a statewide training opportunity for Victim Services professionals and allies. One of the goals of the CJC is to increase the availability of local training for victim services professionals. By doing so, we can help to strengthen the quality of victim service programs in Delaware and provide support and professional development to victim services career professionals. Providing services to our neighbors during times of crisis and when they are most vulnerable takes the best among us. This event includes various opportunities to learn, grow, and network with others in the field.

Delaware Victim Assistance Academy

The Criminal Justice Council presents the Delaware Victim Assistance Academy! Based on the National Victim Assistance Academy model, the CJC brings a premier training and education program for new and beginning victim assistance providers that is specific to Delaware.

The mission of the Delaware Victim Assistance Academy (DVAA) is to offer standardized training that integrates interdisciplinary, evidence-based knowledge and practice to victim service professionals and allies by providing a space for learning, networking, and applying new skills. Through training and mentorship opportunities, the DVAA strives to develop a community of practice where Delaware’s direct service professionals become more culturally sensitive and inclusive, victim/survivor-centered, and trauma-informed in their work.

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Three trainings were offered September and October 2014. Please continue to check back for future training opportunities.

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The CJC is happy to coordinate a specialized Grants Writing Training for small groups or organizations. If interested, please feel free to submit a request with your training needs to:  CJC General Help Desk

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