State of Delaware
Criminal Justice Council

Delaware Criminal Justice Council Membership

Chair: James E. Liguori, Esq

Vice Chair: Hon. Brendan O’Neill, Office of Defense Services

Hon. Leo E. Strine, Jr., Chief Justice, Supreme Court

Hon. Jan R. Jurden, President Judge, Superior Court

Hon. Michael K. Newell,Chief Judge of Family Court

Hon. Alan Davis, Chief Magistrate, Justice of the Peace Courts

Hon. Matthew Denn, Attorney General

Hon. Brendan O’Neill, Chief Defender, Office of Defense Services

Hon. Perry Phelps, Commissioner of Corrections

Steven Wesley, Bureau Chief, Department of Correction

John Stevenson, Director, Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services

David Henderson, Chair, Parole Board

Colonel Nathaniel McQueen, Superintendent, Delaware State Police

Colonel Vaughn Bond, Jr., Chief, New Castle County Police

Chief Robert Tracy, Chief, Wilmington Police

Chief William Bryson, Chairman, Delaware Police Chief’s Council

John Evans, Director, Division of Forensic Science

Hon. Kara Odom, Secretary, Department of Health & Social Services

Hon. Cerron Cade, Secretary, Department of Labor

Hon. Susan Bunting, Secretary of Education

Hon. James Collins, Secretary, Department of Technology & Information

Hon. Alex Smalls, Chief Judge, Court of Common Pleas

Hon. Josette D. Manning, Secretary, Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families

Hon. Robert Coupe, Secretary, Department of Public Safety & Homeland Security

David C. Weiss, U.S. Attorney, District of Delaware (Acting)

Michael Arrington, Esq., Member at Large

Pastor Donald Dunnigan, Member at Large

Carl Schnee, Esq., Member at Large

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