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Violence Against Women Act Implementation Committee

In 1995 Former Governor Thomas R. Carper, through Executive Order No. 29, established the VAWA Implementation Committee. The purpose of creating such a committee is “to ensure the appropriate use of federal funds received under the Violence Against Women Act.” In February 2001, Governor Ruth Ann Minner issued Executive Order No. 11 to maintain the VAWA Implementation Committee. As a result, the VAWA Implementation Committee has been charged with several responsibilities. They are as follows:

Identifying needs and gaps in services for female victims of crime based on public input and input solicited from the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and the Victim Advisory Committee of the Criminal Justice Council.

Soliciting input from interested individuals, state and federal agencies, and private organizations, including non-profit, non-governmental victim services programs, about needs and gaps in Delaware services for female victims of violent crime.

Preparing a comprehensive Plan to obtain and use Federal funds available under the Violence Against Women Act and for compliance with the legislation and related regulations.

Holding training sessions for individuals and groups interested in submitting funding applications, designed to assist potential applicants with the funding selection process.

Soliciting and reviewing concept papers submitted by grant applicants.

Consistent with the Plan, making recommendations on Violence Against Women Act grant recipients to the Criminal Justice Council and the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council. If either the Criminal Justice Council or the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council approves the recommendations by a majority vote, the recommendations shall be forwarded to the Governor for her consideration. If neither the Criminal Justice Council nor the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council approves the Committee’s recommendations, they shall be returned to the Committee for modification.

The VAWA Implementation Committee appointees are:

  • Col. Melissa Zebley, Delaware State Police
  • Stephanie Hamilton, Wilmington Police Department Victim Services Supervisor
  • Maria Knoll, Esq., Delaware Department of Justice

Staff:  Terica Jones

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